Thermal conductive silicone pad for electric vehicles
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The cost of power battery accounts for 40% or even more of the electric vehicle cost. Reducing the cost of power battery has always been one of the important tasks for battery suppliers and OEMs. To reduce the cost of power battery, one of the main means is to reduce the cost of "module", but now this means has reached the bottleneck period.

How to reduce the cost of the battery and increase the energy density and range? CTP technology may be the best choice now!

CTP technology is called cell to pack, also known as module free technology. There are two different technical routes: one is to cancel the module completely; the other is to integrate small module into large module.

CTP technology

The battery pack is composed of at least two large modules (as shown in the figure below). Each module is connected to the battery tray through the fixing parts. Finally, the battery pack is fixed on different vehicle models through the installation beam.


               CTP technology battery pack schematic diagram

                 Explosion diagram of CTP technology battery module

According to the above pictures, a large module is divided into small spaces by a number of plastic heat dissipation plates. The square cell can be inserted into these small spaces like a computer hard disk. The side of each cell is also pasted with thermal conductive silicone pad, and the heat sink along the width direction of the cell has a heat dissipation channel, which can be directly connected with the external cooling pipeline.

According to the relevant data, this can reduce about 40% of the parts. In addition, in the case of constant battery volume, the volume utilization rate of battery pack using CTP technology has also increased by 15% - 20%. The specific energy density can reach 200wh / kg.