Non-silicon Thermal Pad

Non-silicon thermal pad is mainly designed for applications which are silicone sensitive. In order to improve thermal conductivity and flame retardancy, special filler is added to the acrylic rubber to make it a well-insulated synthetic rubber product. It is soft and adhesive, and can be closely attached to the heat-generating component and the heat-dissipating component to exert the heat dissipation result more effectively.
Low volatile matters, no oil leakage, meet special environmental applications; super soft and high compressibility, ultra-high withstand voltage 8KV; easy construction, high reliability, can be used as vibration absorber.
Silicon-sensitive components such as projectors, optical equipment, and security monitoring.

Product Description
Color / White White Visual
Thermal impedance 1mm@20psi ℃in2/W 0.70 0.45 ASTM D5470
Specific gravity g/cm3 2.6 2.0 ASTM D792
Volume resistivity ΩCM 1.0*1010 1.0*1010 ASTM D257
Thermal conductivity W/mk 2.0 4.0 ASTM D5470
Withstand voltage KV@1mm 8 8 ASTM D149
Thickness (±10%) mm 0.2~20 0.5~10 ASTM D374
Hardness Shore 00 60 55 ASTM D2240
Flammability class UL94-V@2mm UL94-VO UL94-VO UL94
Working temperature -40~+110 -40~+110 ***
Tape choose /     ∨     ∨ ***
Self-adhesive / Double side slightly sticky Double side slightly sticky ***
Fiber strengthen / / / ***