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How Can Graphite Sheets Cool The Heat Dissipation Module Of Charging Piles?

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With the continuous development of electric vehicles. Charging piles are being built more and more. The speed of charging can be faster and faster. The heat dissipation scheme of the charging pile should be done well, which is extremely critical. It will not only affect the working stability of the charging pile, but also affect the service life of the charging pile.


The purpose of building charging facilities is to allow the vehicle to be charged to be replenished with more than 50-60% of electricity in a relatively short period of time. In practical application, generally electric vehicles use DC fast charging, which can be fully charged within 1~2H. In contrast, the AC power we use at home can only be used in slow charging mode, which takes 6-8h to be fully charged. The faster the better for electric vehicle charging needs. But as the charging speed is accelerated, the current and voltage will also be greatly increased. This leads to an increase in the power of the charging pile inductor module. This situation leads to an increase in the power of the inductor module of the charging post. The inductor module, power module and other components generate a lot of heat quickly.



The graphite sheets produced by DSN can be used in the charging pile heat sink module to effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of the heat sink module. Graphite sheet is an ultra-thin, high thermal conductivity (up to 2000 heat sink material, also known as thermally conductive graphite film, thermally conductive graphite paper, etc. Graphite heat sink disperses heat evenly, relieving localized overheating inside the charging pile display. Rapidly conducts the heat from heat generating components within the inductor module to the power supply aluminum housing, thereby reducing the temperature within the inductor module.



Due to the flexible features of graphite, the thin graphite film needs to have a flat surface to adhere to, and basically needs to be attached to the heat sink component. So we often see graphite sheets on shields, PCB modules, and LED substrates. Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 / Z Flip4 folding phone has been used with DSN's flexible thermally conductive graphite film.


In addition to the above applications, the classic applications of graphite sheets include smartphones, tablets, wireless charging, OLED, e-cigarettes, new energy car batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, semiconductors, smart wears, etc.   


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