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Graphite Sheet For Tablet Computer

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With the continuous development of technology, the performance of tablet computers has become increasingly powerful. For the convenience of carrying and using, tablet computers are becoming thinner and thinner, so the internal space of the tablet computer is extremely small, and heat is easily accumulated on the heat source chip and battery, which cannot be diffused. Local continuous high temperatures can easily lead to problems such as computer crash or PCB deformation .



Tablets have a main chip and two small chips. The main IC generates a large amount of heat. An ultra-thin, high-performance, and highly thermal conductive graphite sheet is placed under the IC, which can quickly diffuse heat through the PCB on the back of the IC and transmit it to the case of the tablet computer. The purpose of heat dissipation is achieved through the large area of the case in contact with the air.

Not only the thermal conductive graphite sheet placed behind the PCB of the tablet computer, but also the thermal conductive graphite sheet needs to be placed above the chip of the tablet computer. The graphite sheet is tightly attached to the metal frame on the back of the chip and display screen, achieving the purpose of screen heat dissipation through the display screen, ensuring the normal operation of the tablet computer chip, greatly extending the life and performance of the tablet computer.



DSN graphite sheet has ultra-high thermal conductivity, with a maximum thermal conductivity of up to 2000W/mk, which can perfectly replace other thermal interface materials such as silica gel, silicone thermal pad and copper foil. From the test data of the thermal imager, it can be seen that heat dissipating fins made of silica gel and copper foil have very limited heat dissipation effects on the tablet computer PCB, while Dasen's graphite heat dissipating foil can be effective in helping the tablet computer dissipate heat.





Conclusion: the high thermal conductivity of graphite heat dissipation foil is far superior to the traditional thermal interface materials. 

From the above test process and data, we found the temperature difference is close to 10 degrees between using and not using the graphite heat dissipation foil. 

This feeling is very important for the customers.


At the same time, DSN can die cut the graphite sheet into various shapes to match the shapes of the PCB. If you need thermal solution for your products, welcome your inquiry.




Dasen was established in 2011, mainly engaged in the R&D, production, and sales of thermal conductive graphite sheets.


The thickness is from 12um to 100um. Dasen greatly improve the thermal conductivity, electric conductivity, and the flexibility of graphite sheet. Currently, the thermal conductivity of DSN graphite sheet can be up to 1950w/mk. The width can be up to 600mm. Based on the requirements for thickness, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and flexibility, Dasen can provide customers suitable thermal solutions for different applications.


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