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VC (Vamper Chamber) used for NOTEBOOK has an increasing trend. The radiator pointed out that the vapor chamber has been continuously improved in recent years, and some brands such as HP and Lenovo will introduce super-large vapor chambers in the second half of the year, and remove active cooling devices such as fans, so as to further meet the dual requirements of mute and heat dissipation.

In recent years, vapor chambers have been used for smart phones. Samsung Electronics, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and other manufacturers have introduced vapor chambers to dissipate heat one after another, which has led many cooling plants to actively expand their production capacity. However, due to the impact of COVID-19 epidemic, smart phones are frozen rapidly. The cooling plant revealed that almost no shipments were made in May, which also made the cooling manufacturers who have invested resources to expand vapor chambers actively explore new business opportunities.

In the past few years, NOTEBOOK manufacturers have introduced vapor chamber design one after another. However, because of the high unit price of vapor chamber, most manufacturers have applied vapor chamber to high-end machines such as e-sports. However, with the increasing capacity of vapor chamber and more and more brand factories willing to introduce it, the penetration rate of vapor chamber in NOTEBOOK has been continuously improved. Compared with the vapor chamber of mobile phone, the vapor chamber area of NOTEBOOK is larger. From 2017, the proportion of vapor chambers is increasing year by year.


The radiating module factory pointed out that the average unit price of vapor chamber is on the high side, which is also the biggest problem for NOTEBOOK brand factory to introduce the radiating scheme of vapor chamber. At present, the unit price of modules of large vapor chamber adopted by NOTEBOOK is more than $10, or even more than $30 at higher level. However, if the modules using traditional heat dissipation pipes are in single-digit dollars, it depends on the number of heat pipes. If there are more than 5 heat pipes, the modules will have a chance to reach $30.


The module factory pointed out that the heat dissipation effect is the main reason for the brand factory to introduce the vapor chamber.

The main reasons to use vapor chamber for NOTEBOOK heat dissipation:

1.CPU and GPU are the two key points to be cooled. The vapor chamber can effectively disperse the heat source to all chassis surfaces.

2. The marketing effect is also the factor for introducing the vapor chamber. Through the vapor chamber, the product can be more distinctive and the average unit price of the product can be further improved.

NOTEBOOK brand operators pointed out that Razer, which dominated the e-sports market in the past, once pushed the e-sports NOTEBOOK equipped with large vapor chambers. In recent years, the models followed by various brand factories also emphasized the efficiency of e-sports models. Recently, customers introduced large vapor chambers, mainly in high-end commercial models, in order to meet the needs of mute and heat dissipation by eliminating the design of fans.



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