What characteristics does the PET silicone protective film have?
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Factors affecting the quality of PET silicone protective film

PET protective film is not easy to be affected by gas and other environment when it is used, so it is especially suitable for packaging products, and has good insulation performance to oxygen and water vapor when it is used. High thermoformability, equivalent to PVC sheet. PET thermoforming products with excellent plastic forming mechanism can be selected.


PET protective film is widely used and is a commonly used peeling material in manufacturing industries such as adhesives, electronic devices, film cutting, packaging and printing.


The following factors affect PET protective film

1. Substrate: The quality of the substrate directly affects its performance;

2. Residual adhesion rate: The residual adhesion rate refers to the force of the release paper after the first peeling and the second peeling. The data information obtained after calculation reflects the actual effect of silicone oil curing;

3. Peeling force: Peeling force directly affects the performance of PET release film;

4. Processing environment: With the development of various commodities and the improvement of quality technology, the requirements for the cleanliness of PET protective film are becoming more and more stringent, especially for the cutting film manufacturing of electronic devices.