Heat dissipation solution case of electronic products – router
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Router is mainly composed of memory, power supply, transmission media (namely cable), CSU/DSU, supplier's media, CPU, interface, module and so on. With the increase of working frequency and working intensity, and in order to save cost and space, the volume of routers produced by router manufacturers is becoming smaller and smaller. In this case, the heat dissipation problem has become the biggest headache for engineers. In order to solve the problems of heat dissipation and stability of routers, during the thermal design of routers, Engineers often use thermally conductive silicone sheets attached to the shell to dissipate heat. 


The thermal conductivity reaches 2.0W/m k; Shore C test hardness up to 35 degrees; High temperature resistance, stable operation in -40~200℃ environment, good insulation, compressibility; And in line with the requirements of environmental protection thermal conductivity silicone pad solution can meet the needs of customer products.