The DSN3150 series is a remarkable cost effective thermal conductive pad. It is in double side natural inherent tack and easy assembly. It works stably at ambient temperature during -40-150 °C with meeting the requirement of UL94V-0 class.
DSN3150FG is a model of thermal conductive pad adopted with strengthened fiberglass based compound material, performing as higher tear resistance and puncture resistance, it also improves operability.

Product Description


  • Thermal Conductivity:1.5W/m.k
  • Low Compression application
  • Easy in assembly and reusable
  • Superior Temperature endurance
  • Excellent electrical isolation
  • Double side in natural inherent tack


  • PC cooling modules
  • Area where heat needs to be transferred to a frame
  • LED lighting
  • Power conversion
  • FPD
  • Automobile engine control unit
  • RDRAM memory modules
  • Flat Panel Display(LCD、PDP、...)