DSN3200 thermally conductive rubber pad is composed of silicone polymer and ceramic fillers. It is fabricated via special process with high Cost Performance value. It is double side self-tacky. Under low contact pressure, it can demonstrate excellent thermal transfer and electric isolation.Under40~150℃,it performs stably and accords with UL94V0
DSN3200R is a high strength, high elasticity, high insulation, flame retardant, cost-effective of thermal interface material, for different applications, developed a number of models, which can meet the high compression and many heavy industries, tearing, high-frequency vibration impact and a wide variety of applications.
DSN3200FG is a model of thermal conductive pad adopted with strengthened fiberglass based compound material, performing as higher tear resistance and puncture resistance, it also improves operability.

Product Description


  • Thermal Conductivity:2.0W/m.k
  • Low Compression application
  • Easy in assembly and reusable
  • Superior Temperature endurance
  • Excellent electrical isolation
  • Double side in natural inherent tack


  • PC cooling modules
  • Area where heat needs to be transferred to a frame
  • Flat Panel Display(LCD、PDP、...)
  • LED lighting
  • Power conversion
  • Automobile engine control unit
  • RDRAM memory modules
  • FPD
  • Network communication equipment
  • Power modules