The DSN3300 series is a superior thermal conductive pad.It is in lowthermal resistance performance at low pressure.It has natureinherent tack,without needing extra glue tape that would impedethe thermal conductive properties.
DSN3300R is a high strength, high elasticity, high insulation, flameretardant,cost-effective of thermal interface material, for differentapplications, developed a number of models, which can meet thehigh compression and many heavy industries, tearing,high-frequency vibration impact and a wide variety of applications, especially suitable for automotive power battery pack.
DSN3300FG is a model of thermal conductive pad adopted withstrengthened fiberglass based compound material, performing ashigher tear resistance and puncture resistance, it also improvesoperability.

Product Description


  • Thermal conductivity: 3.0W/mK
  • Low thermal resistance at very lowpressures
  • High electrically isolative
  • Superior Temperature endurance
  • Conformable,lowhardness
  • Double side self-tacky


  • PC/NB
  • VGA
  • Network communication equipment
  • LCD back-lightmodule
  • H.D.D&DVD
  • DRAM modules
  • High thermal conductivity module
  • Automobile engine control unit