How long is the service life of thermal conductive silicon pad?
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With the continuous development of science and technology, there are many kinds of materials used in electronic products, and the scope of application is very wide. Among them, thermal conductive silicon pad is a kind of filling material with high thermal conductivity. It has good physical inertia and won't cause short circuit. Thermal conductive silica gel pad is a kind of material synthesized by silica gel and some metal oxides. There are many kinds of thermal conductive silicone adhesive on the market. Generally, thermal pad is used in electronic products and medicine which need heat dissipation and heat conduction.

How to use thermal conductive silica gel pad?

The two sides of the thermal pad have a certain natural adhesion, so it is very convenient to use. At the beginning of the use, it is necessary to ensure that the two bonding places are clean. In this way, the thermal pad can be firmly bonded to the product, which is the same as other things to be bonded. Then, the protective film on the thermal pad can be torn off. And then cover it on the heat source, and finally compact it. Almost all of these products use the same steps. This method is fast and simple, and can meet the requirements of more convenient use. At the same time, the thermal pad can be cut properly according to the size of the bonding place.


Service life of thermal pad:  

Generally speaking, it is more than 5-10 years. This is based on the statistics of a big data, combined with the actual situation to average, that is, if you can follow the above operation steps and specifications. The thermal pad also has the function of cushioning, shock absorption and noise reduction, as well as other normal auxiliary functions. It is not a big problem to reach 5-10 years. The service life of thermal pad will also be different due to the different manufacturers and the loss of thermal pad itself. In this way, the service life will also change. Under the influence of these factors, the service life will be different. Of course, when the thermal pad is put into use, there will inevitably be other uncontrollable reasons that will affect its service life. Therefore, if you want to make the thermal pad use for a long time, it is important to do a good job of reasonable protection and operate according to the specification requirements, so as to make the long-term use of the product better, so as to greatly extend the use time of the thermal conductive silicon film, so as to save some costs.