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Application Of Die-Cut Double-Sided Adhesive Thermal Tape

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Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive is similar to other thermal conductive materials. Its purpose is to bond and conduct heat. When the requirement for thermal conductivity is relatively low, thermal conductive double-sided adhesive will be your most preferred thermal conductive medium. The heat conducting double-sided adhesive is skillfully filled with heat conducting materials in the middle, which has strong viscosity, solves the problem that ordinary heat conducting materials are not easy to stick to important parts of electronic products, and can be effectively fixed on the surface of chips.


Like the heat conductive silica gel pad, the heat conductive double-sided adhesive can be die-cut into any shape according to the demand. When in use, it can be bonded by pressing gently, and the bonding strength increases with the increase of time and temperature.  

Application classification of heat conductive double-sided adhesive


Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive is widely used in the heat dissipation of electronic products such as LED, mobile phone, home appliance, computer and auto parts, such as:


● Assembly of LED light bar element and metal frame

● Fix the radiator to the source supply circuit board

● Replace hot melt adhesive, screws and fasteners to be fixed


At present, thermal conductive double-sided adhesive is widely used in various industries, mainly including electronics industry, shoes, bags, leather goods and other industries, printing industry and toy manufacturing industry. In the electronic industry, people use double-sided tape to bond two small parts together to prevent them from falling off due to vibration and other reasons. When making leather goods, two different leather goods can be bonded, which is both beautiful and practical in appearance. With the continuous improvement of the performance of thermal conductive double-sided adhesive, its application will become more mature and extensive. Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive can be divided into hot melt adhesive double-sided adhesive, embroidery double-sided adhesive, plate pasting double-sided adhesive, water-based double-sided adhesive, oily double-sided adhesive tape, etc. The adhesive force of water-based double-sided adhesive is weak, but the environmental protection performance is good, while the adhesive force of oil-based double-sided adhesive is strong, but it is not environmental protection.



Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive can be divided into non-woven double-sided adhesive, cotton paper double-sided adhesive, pet double-sided adhesive, foam double-sided adhesive and double-sided glass cloth double-sided adhesive according to the classification of matrix materials. With different base materials, the overall thickness of double-sided tape is different, and its properties are also different, including adhesion, tear resistance, elasticity and strength. People can choose appropriate thermal conductive double-sided adhesive products according to their own uses and needs.


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