Common problems of thermally conductive tape
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Thermally conductive double-sided adhesives will inevitably encounter unexpected problems when they are used outside. Regardless of the size of the problem, it will still affect our normal process, so we have to know in advance, so that we can not only prevent problems, but also It can be dealt with in time when the problem occurs.

Now let's talk about the common problems about thermal conductive double-sided adhesive. Generally, the following four problems will appear:

1. What is the difference between "heat conduction" and "heat dissipation"?

There are three forms of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation. Conduction is a heat transfer mode in which heat is transferred from high temperature to low temperature due to temperature difference between contacting objects or different parts of the same object. Heat dissipation is a way to dissipate the heat generated by the heat source in the form of convection and radiation from the heat sink to the surrounding environment.


2. Generally, it is necessary to achieve the function of heat dissipation. Isn't it necessary to install metal fins?

Because the metal heat sink is hard, if the installation angle and the pressure on the contact surface are uneven when contacting with the IC, its heat source will not be effectively transmitted to the heat sink. If the thermal conductive double-sided adhesive soft material is installed on the joint surface of the two, the problem of insufficient contact surface can be effectively overcome.


3. How long is the service life of thermal conductive double-sided adhesive?

Our thermal conductive double-sided adhesive products have their own base material, and the service life of silicone rubber is generally recognized as 20 years. The service life of thermal conductive double-sided adhesive is mainly determined by the service life of silicone rubber.


 4. How to apply heat conductive double-sided adhesive and where to use it?

Generally speaking, if the electronic product you designed cannot be equipped with a fan and metal heat dissipation in space and position, you can directly contact the IC and shell by means of heat conduction double-sided tape, and directly transfer the heat source to the external cold air of the product by means of heat conduction, so as to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.