Heat dissipation solution for electronic products - Network STB
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A digital video converter box, commonly known as a set-top box or on-board box, is a device that connects a TELEVISION set to an external signal source. It converts compressed digital signals into TV content and displays it on the TV. Signals can come from cable, satellite dishes, broadband Internet and terrestrial broadcasts. Set-top boxes can receive digital content,

including electronic program guides, Internet pages, subtitles and so on, in addition to the images and sound provided by analog TELEVISION. Users can watch TV on the current digital TV programs, and through the network interactive digital entertainment, education, and commercial activities, the living standard of people is getting better and better now, the life of people more and more rich, network television set-top box is emerging in this age of product is convenient, is a fashion, is a trend that is the future.

Set-top boxes are of variable quality on the market at present, most of the simple structure, easier to use in the summer time in the set-top box to produce a large number of calories, set-top box in use process will produce a lot of calories affect daily use, lead to the video signal is not stable, even burned set-top boxes, caused the security hidden danger in the home, In addition, the fan of a general set-top box is easy to accumulate dust.

In the set-top box body internal structure, the set-top box body wall runs signal output interface, the set-top box body wall runs power interface, power supply interface end fixed connection with the first wire, the wire in series connection with the second wire, the second wire one end connected to a fan brake motor, the set-top box body set on the right side have a box body, the box body top cover of thermal conductivity, Thermal cover at the top of the fixed connection with thermal conductivity copper pipe, the box body side fixed connection with the first tank, the tank side fixed connection with the switch, the first tank side fixed connection with nozzle, the other side of the box body connected with the second tank, thermal conductivity copper pipes respectively fixed on both sides have a fin, set-top box body on the right side of outside wall runs heat, first HuoKou set-top box body were set up on the surface of the bottom side, The bottom side of the STB body is provided with a second snap, and one end of the STB body is fixedly connected with an antenna.

The number of fans in the STB is three. The fans are evenly arranged on the thermal copper tube with the center of symmetry on the right side of the thermal copper tube. The bottom of the box body is fixed on the set-top box body, and a baffle is arranged around the box body. The diameter of the heat conduction cover is 3 to 5 cm, and the bottom of the heat conduction cover is fixedly connected with a fan. The sprinkler head is placed in the center of the fan top, and fine holes are evenly distributed on the sprinkler head.

If a STB is used in a region with high temperature all the year around, fans alone are not enough to dissipate heat. Therefore, many STB manufacturers modify fans installed inside STBS, including heat dissipation mode and heat conduction materials, to fundamentally solve the problem that STBS cannot work continuously.


Thermal silicone pad is soft, thermal insulation, especially its good compressibility, thickness can adapt to different space range of set-top box, good controllability. In general, household electrical appliances such as induction cooker, rice cooker, set-top boxes, microwave oven, and so on electrical appliances in the heat energy produced during the normal work, if not timely export, will make electric junction surface temperature is too high, will affect the product life cycle, efficiency, stability, and electrical junction temperature, the relationship between the operation efficiency and life. The set-top box transmits the heat of the chip to the shell through the thermal silicon sheet and dissipates heat by natural convection, so there is no need to worry about burning the set-top box because the shell is too hot.


In the main IC of the set-top box or high temperature components and the heat sink or the shell of the set-top box between the use of soft thermal silicone sheet, can reduce the temperature of about 18 degrees.

The thermal conductive silica gel pad is the air gap between the heating device and the heat sink or the metal base. The flexible and elastic characteristics of the thermal pad enable it to be used to cover very uneven surfaces. Heat is transferred from the separation device or the entire PCB to the metal housing or diffuser plate, thereby increasing the efficiency and service life of the thermal electronics component. The application of thermal conductive silicone sheet in set-top box makes it can dissipate heat faster and thus have a longer service life.