Application of thermal conductive materials in the field of artificial intelligence
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Artificial intelligence is a discipline, and robots, driverless, central data processing system and so on are its related applications, to put it simply, in the past, warehouse management was mainly based on human resources. In addition to human efficiency, large and small machines and equipment and personnel moved in the warehouse, there were potential safety hazards, the storage robot is able to work under the command of the system, which can not only improve the work efficiency, but also avoid the accidents caused by the collision of machinery and equipment. Therefore, the future storage robot is the key point of the development of logistics storage industry.

A robot is composed of many components, which have a clear division of labor, so that the robot can maintain a good operation. However, if a component has a problem, it will affect other components, so that the robot can not run. Heat dissipation is one of the main factors affecting the machine equipment, and the heating of the machine equipment is inevitable, due to the current through the resistance will heat, so the key is how to achieve effective heat dissipation.

There is a gap between the heat source and the radiator. If the heat source is in direct contact with the radiator, the heat dissipation effect will be reduced. Even if the two surfaces look very smooth and flat, there are some holes, while the air is a bad conductor of heat, so the heat transfer efficiency will be reduced. At this time, it is necessary to fill the thermal conductive material between the two gaps, so as to cover the holes between the gaps, eliminate the interface air, reduce the contact thermal resistance and improve the heat transfer efficiency. In some way, it can improve the heat dissipation effect and make the machine and equipment run stably and reliably for a long time. Dasen Electronics, as a well-reputed supplier, can meet the needs of power supply manufacturers. Commonly used materials for heat dissipation schemes include: thermally conductive silicone pad, thermal insulator pad, and thermally conductive silicone grease between the power and the radiator with relatively large resistance heat. .


01 Product characteristics of thermal silicone pad


02 Product characteristics of thermal grease


03 Product characteristics of thermal insulator pad